Vegan Sweet Mango Deliciousness

  • 1/2 bottle Granny Mel's Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce
    1 pack firm tofu
    1/2 can coconut cream
    steamed veges or salad

    Marinate tofu with Mango Sauce for however long, fry in a medium to low pan till it's all caramelized and yummy, remove from frypan, add coconut cream and let it reduce till nice pourable consistency. Put tofu on top of veges or salad and pour coconut, mango deliciousness on top.

Sweet Mango Chook Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce

  • 1 bottle Granny Mel's Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce
    2kg FREE RANGE Chook Wings

  • 300ml Thickened Cream

  • Comboyne Culture Bluembert Cheese

    Preheat oven to 200C
     Pour 1/2 bottle of Granny Mel's Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce over wings in a baking dish and smoosh it around. Cover with foil and cook for 30mins. Remove foil, top with rest of sauce and bake a further 20mins turning over once. Put cream into fry pan and reduce slightly (3-5mins), add cheese and let it melt. Put wings in a big bowl and cheese sauce in a dipping bowl or drizzle over the top.

  • Prepare to be the Champion of the Universe at your next gathering!