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The War on Waste

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Hello, my name is Mel and I am a food hoarder. ​I'm not saying this is a bad thing. It's about letting nothing go to waste. Yes there are limits, and running several freezers in order to save food is probably counter intuitive when calculating the energy vs food argument. So you probably have to cull fairly regularly to keep from being overrun by vege scraps and animal carcasses. Yesterday I bought a bag of prawn dumplings. Said dumplings wouldn't fit in my freezer (I put them in my big chilli hoarding freezer instead). It was time to cull... 5 chicken carcasses 2kg chicken necks (meant for the dog but she didn't like them) 2 big bags of prawn heads and shells Plus I had the ham bone left over from xmas

Most stocks call for onion, carrots, celery and other scrap veges but I wanted to keep this one as pure and meaty as possible.

Everything except the prawn bits was put into a 20L pot of cold water, bought to the boil then simmered for several hours. Left to cool over night, strained and the 10L of stock went back on the stove to reduce by 1/2. Pop into the fridge and when the delicious fatty glutinous stuff firms up on top I separate. The stock gets used for soups and the other stuff makes amazing gravies.

​I picked the meat off the bones. Lots of gelatinous goodness from the ham and chook necks,

Roughly 3kg's meat

and all the good stuff from inside the chooks, mixed it up with brown rice, grated carrot and zucchini plus extra stock for the dog. That's 4kg of amazing nutritious dog food for less than $1. I know people say not to put meat into the compost but we've got big compost bays and EVERYTHING that we can't eat or the chooks can't eat goes into it. We even bury dead animals into our compost and within a couple of weeks there's not much left. So yeah, bones went to the compost.

As for the prawns.... I'll continue hoarding them till I run out of the stock I made with the last lot.

Left over bones into the compost

And now the dumplings are where they're supposed to be... in my belly!

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